Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tyra is off to NY

Up Up and away....lol
You gotta love Ms. Banks!!!! So put on a show about her showing moving to NY next season. I really enjoy the Tyra Show and I hope that she get's as big as Oprah!! (Not in size put in fame lol)
Nicole Antoinette

Sloppy Seconds

So Eddie Murphy and Tracy Edmonds are engaged....who really cares right. What I want to see is Eddie getting his AZZ treated by Mel B for child support. That's going to be entertainment!!

Nicole Antoinette

The Wedding is Off...LMAO!!

It looks as though Ur-sher went to the Wizard and got an F'ing brain!!! He has confirmed that the wedding that was suppose to go down this weekend has been cancelled. And folks ya'll know what it's about...5 finger Tameka. Ursh aint to happy about everybody finding out that his around the way girl came with a rap sheet. I think it's hilarious, Tameka's half sister has sold all the girls secrets to National Enquirer. Stay tuned for Confession part 3

AND..... I just got the word the Tameka is in the hospital suffering from pregnancy complications?!? Yeah right, She's just trying to get a little sympathy right now. Tameka we don't believe you, you need more people!!!

Nicole Antoinette

Thursday, July 26, 2007

You can stand under her UMBRELLA, ELLA ELLA

RiRi has taken her #1 single to a whole-notha-level. Rihanna is now selling Umbrella's-ella's-ella's (okay, enough)!
They are going for 19.95 a pop. Yeah $20 for a damn umbrella that says Rihanna?? I think that if they would have added the lyrics that would have been pretty cool, but what do I know!!!
Get it while her single is still #1
Nicole Antoinette

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's Time for the Slammer!!

I guess she got jealous of Paris getting a chance to hang out in the county jail?!? This dumb ass heifer was caught AGAIN driving under the influence and she had coke on her!!!! This chick is for sure getting her straight to jail card, do not pass go, do not collect $200!!!

"Actress Lindsay Lohan is pictured in this police booking photograph released July 24, 2007. Lohan was arrested in the Los Angeles area early on July 24, 2007 on suspicion of drunken driving and cocaine possession, days after she completed a 45-day rehabilitation program, authorities said"

Nicole Antoinette

Monday, July 23, 2007

I just told Ya'll, Tameka will slap a Ho!!

Chilli was being desperate and hanging out with Ur-shers Momma and Tameka busted her Azz!!
Then Tameka blurted out, don't your boyfriend gotta momma you can visit?
If you bout Meka, say you bout it!!! lol
Nicole Antoinette

Monica is Preggers

I hear that Ms. Thang is currently 3months pregnant by her Fiance Rodney "Rock" WHATEVER (sorry). Congrats!! I hope that this will push the Wedding date up!!
Nicole Antoinette

Lil Flip busted for Credit Card Fraud

LMAO!! Yes yes ya'll Little Flipper was busted for charging 641.00 on an American Express that was not his. Flip ya gotta do better my brotha. Why are you flying Southwest, aren't you the big time Texan??? Anywho, this ish is to funny!!
Nicole Antoinette

Friday, July 20, 2007

Tameka will slap a HO!!

This has to be the funniest thing in the world. You know that Ur-sher got his behind chewed out for rest of the night. He even looks like he knows what's going to happen when he turns around. I see somebody has that whip appeal!!!!
You go Tameka!!
Nicole Antoinette

Monday, July 16, 2007

Deelishus is Married?!? UPDATE

SOOOO this chick is not married ya'll!! Well she was but got a divorce, but mediatakeout is reporting that this is here EX!!! NOPE, WRONG AGAIN MEDIAFAKEOUT!! This is actually some prom pic that she took. Prom??? I know right?!? Can we say desperate??? Anything for a little lime light, huh?
Nicole Antoinette

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kimmy and a Titty

Little Kim was seen gettin' in the car with GAY J and had a slip up. It's no big deal, we've seen her tits before!!!! ugh!!!
Nicole Antoinette

Deelishus is Married?!?

I don't know if this is true but, it is what it is!
Nicole Antoinette

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Charm School Reunion

Okay for those of you who tuned in this past Sunday to Charm School Reunion special and was suprised by the show, I was browsing VH1's
website and came across this very intersting behing the scenes look that VH1's own Rich Juzwiak; who had a first hand look at all the drama what they didn't show us.
Here's a preview of when it was Shay and Larissa's turn to film what went down CLICK TO READ THE ENTIRE STORY.
"Anyway, it was time for Shay and Larissa's segment to tape, which was about 5,000 times more chaotic to watch in person than what aired on the reunion special. As they two had their split-screen showdown, there was barely a pause from either side. It was a constant stream of sound coming from both of them – it was sort of shocking that they heard each other at all since they were both talking so damn much. In my estimation, Shay acted out but it was to merely stand her ground. Larissa seemed far more hostile and baiting. At one point, she told Shay that she looked like a monkey (I don't believe that this made it to air, but I know that Mo'Nique later referenced it). Shay's response? "Kill yourself." To give credit where it's due: Larissa did say that she regretted the picture incident and that it never would have happened if she knew that Leilene's mother (who was in the picture) was dead. Darra and Schatar both piped up, with the former handling herself with the class that she generally does (basically: she doesn't hold a grudge for getting kicked off as a result of the picture incident) and the latter using any opportunity to talk about herself. While Schatar was clearing the air about not being a gold digger (again), Larissa called her a "motherf***er." That set Schatar running backstage. "No one calls me an MF!" she fumed. Seconds later, a talent manager told her to go back out to her seat and she obliged. So much for standing your ground. Thela also flew backstage in a rage – she'd do so at least one more time, complaining that she had somewhere to be. The aforementioned talent manager, quite awesomely, told her in response: "So do I. Now get back out there!" I didn't see Thela again until it was time to go."


Sheena Denean

A Pup and A PussyCat

I heard it the other day, but I guess here is the proof. Bow Wow is dating Pussy Cat Doll Melondy Thornton. Here they are holding hands, making all types of plans......yea I know that was corny!!!!. lol
Anywho, he is just being a guy, he saw that CiCi has moved on and now he wants to show the world that he can pull another hottie. By the way how old is this heifer? These media ages got me all mixed up?!?!?
In my personal opinion shes way to hot for him, I think that she wants to be in the public eye and heres her chance...KUDOS!
Nicole Antoinette

Friday, July 6, 2007


I was reading at URBAN HOOPLA and I the cutest thing!! Jay and Beyonce gettin' there slow dance on. It's really great to see them exposed enjoying life and each other...ahhhh :)
Somebody give me a hug!!
Nicole Antoinette

"It's a bird, It's a plane....No..It's SUPAHEAD!!

You've got to admit, she's the heiffer that we all Love to Hate!!
She is a guilty pleasure like Flavor of Love, I Love New etc.... We know that we should pay any attention to her, but something draws us closer...lol
NAH....I just want to know who she's Humpin' Around with!!!

And in her latest entries she is talking about sexual encouters with her and Weezy F. Baby (Lil Wayne people, keep up).
But she is not only pissing Rappers off, she is taking shots at Ms Trina and former member of Destinys Child Farrah (you know she was in the group for one hot second). She is saying that Lil Wayne is not back with Trina but he did care about her and treated her good ...hummm...something about that seems hard to believe. Anywho, seems as though Karrine hit up the same hotel suite that he and Farrah were just previously kickin it in. And this happens to be the second man that Karrine has pulled from Farrah, she also was dating some dude and had him on her website trying to get him to give up the dirt on Farrah. Seems like somebody is itching for a scratching. I hope somebody whoops that ass, cause I'm tired of this trick sleeping with other's people's men...nah.. I just want to see them fight!! lmao

Nicole Antoinette

Thursday, July 5, 2007

MS. Kels on TRL

Ms Kelly was sporting these hot to death Louis Vuitton shorts on TRL
Let's hope she can do better than the BET Awards for her next performance!!
Nicole Antoinette

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Solange's 21 Birthday

For some reason Solange does not ooze Celebrity to me.
Anyways, I won't rain on here parade. She threw her BDay bash at an Art Museum???
Yeah that's the same ish I thought!!
You know she tries to be all "Earthy & Eclectic", so I guess that's what she was aiming for!!

As you can see all the Knowles were in full effect, even the Red Lipped Stompy cousin posed for the camera****FLICK***FLICK***
Cute Pic
WTF is up with this dress?? I hope Mamma Knowles didn't design this one.
And is that plastic?!?

Nicole Antoinette

Monday, July 2, 2007

The Children of Zorro

OMG!! Michael we all know that these aint your damn kids!!
But this is an UPGRADE from those sheets that he had them wearing!! lol
Nicole Antoinette