Thursday, June 28, 2007

Next on Maury....

According to People Magazine, Tameka is Preggers, but is Ursh the Babies daddy?
It's official: Usher is going to be a daddy. Just a week after his fiancée hinted that children could be in their future, the pop star and Tameka Foster have announced that they're expecting their first child, due in the fall. "We are extremely excited at this point in our lives planning our wedding and the joy that comes with expecting our first child together," the couple said in a statement released to the Associated Press Wednesday. "We hope people will be happy for us and respect our privacy during this happy period in our lives."
Nicole Antoinette

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

BET AWARDS..Is the B for Beyonce????

Is anybody tried of Mo'Nique thinking that she's the plus sized Beyonce??
I am!!
But she worked Deja Vu in a "I'm to damn tired, but gotta keep shakin' way"?!?!?
Beyonce did an GREAT performance to "Get Me Bodied".
And when did Solange become the fourth memeber of DC???
Sat down please Solange!!!

Ms. Kelly sang "Like This" at the end of Beyonce's performance.

It was Alright, al little forced, but alright.

Diddy and Keyshia Cole performance of "Last Night" was awful!

First of all Diddy lip sang the entire song. And I say SANG, because he was not in sync at all!!

And Keyshia is just a Hot Ghetto Mess at a loss for words!!

And the opening of the show included Jennifer Hudson and the original "Dream Girl" Jennifer Holiday!! JHud can sing but Jennifer Holiday can SANG, OKAY!!!

And I had to show B on the Red Carpet because this dress was FIERCE!!!

Nicole Antoinette

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fancy Pants takes on Playboy

Fancy what in tha HEEZY (in my best Jamie King voice)!!!
Garcelle Beauvais shows her ASSets in the new Playboy, and she looks GREAT!!
This is her body PRE-twins let's check her out in a few month's to see that baby weight!!

Nicole Antoinette

Who is the Kid?

So this is the second time that this kid has come around. Who is he????
I've heard rumors that it could be Jay-Z son, but FOOEY!!! I want the truth!!
But you gotta admit that they make a cute family, and Beyonce is the hot Step-mother ( couldn't she found something more appropriate??)
Nicole Antoinette

Eddie, You are the Father

People magazine has confirmed that Eddie Murphy is the father of Melanie Brown's daughter Angel Iris Murphy-Brown-whatever-whocares!!
I knew Mel B knew who her babies daddy was!
See you in child support court Norbit!!!
Nicole Antoinette

Monday, June 25, 2007

Shar is NOT Preggers

Shar has confirmed that she is not pregnant and she plans to sue Star magazine.
(better them than us!!!!)
Here she is with all FOUR of her kids at a movie premiere.
Dang can somebody say BirthControl!!!!!
(She looks great though)
Nicole Antoinette

Thursday, June 21, 2007


I am so sorry to be slacking on the gossip this week. I have not been feeling well and work is hella busy!!!! Next week is going to be Young Fresh & New!!!
Until then, have a blessed and pleasant weekend.

Nicole Antoinette

Monday, June 18, 2007

You can take the Ni**as outta tha Hood, But you can't take the HOOD outta Ni**as

I knew it was a bad idea when I heard that Louis Vuitton had left some of their merchandise out when Kanye threw his party. It is reported that almost 30k worth of merch was stolen during the event. That's coming outta Kanye's ass, or should I say KAYNE (THAT'S WHAT THE DAMN CAKE SAYS!! LMAO)!!
Yes K-A-Y-N-E
Now he needs to slap hog sh*t outta the person in charge of ordering the cake!!! Idiot!!

Nicole Antoinette

Forbes 100

So you can call Beyonce a few names, but don't call her dumb. Her Jigga man is worth 83 mil according to Forbes. He was listed as #9. Ranking higher than Donald Trump and Diddy.
LADY "O"(Oprah) topped the list at #1 worth 280 mil.
Nicole Antoinette

Friday, June 15, 2007

Cheri really is a BAD GIRL

So I heard that Cheri got arressted for getting into it wit tha PO PO.
(That's Police for the ebonically challenged)
And where's the glam squad???
Nicole Antoinette

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Amazing Race...Shar peggers (again)

Shar Jackson is currently 7weeks preggers. And you guess it K-Fed is the Pappy!!

I guess they are in it to win!!

Shar said that she can have wayyyy more babies than Britney and she going to prove it!!

Who will win??? The DRAMA continues...

Nicole Antoinette

Friday, June 8, 2007

Paris is back in the SLAMMER!!

BOOHOO!! Who cares heiffer, you did the crime you do the time!!
This is truly a great country when they send even the rich, white, socialite chicks to the BIG HOUSE.
Paris will be serving the remainder of her sentence with a credit of like 5days or some crap. Whatever just treat her the same as us plain folk!! Cause lawd knows ain't nobody letting us off!
Nicole Antoinette

WTF?!? Whitley

Somebody is in need of some serious cosmetics or cosmetic surgery!!
Nicole Antoinette

Kanye Partied Like a Rockerfeller

Mr. West had his party at the Louis Vuitton store in New York.
And I heard that they even left some of the merch out!?! Now that's BOSSY!!
He was looking very dapper.
Jay-Z was at the Louie Vuitton Don's fiesta
John Legend entertained the guess
And it ain't a party without D-I-D-D-Y
Nicole Antoinette

Nicole Antoinette is having a BABY (

Yes yes my friends, Al and I are currently expecting our second child!!
I don't know right now what the gender is, but hopefully I will find out in my next doctor's appt. So for those of you who didn't know, it's offical!
Due Date is October 4 2007

Nicole Antoinette

AwwNawHellNaw, They Done Up 'N Done It!

So they don let PRETTY PRETTY PRINCESS out of jail! This is an outrage!! They are completely going against the judges orders for NO HOUSE ARREST!
Somebody is gonna have to pay for this one, and I think it might be Paris!!
They about to send her little rich azz right back to county!!
Nicole Antoinette

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Kim Humps?? Or Implants??

This is the most recent pic of Kim with this enormous AZZ.
This is just way to big to be least compared to what she had before....
This not a complete back view but with all that AZZ she has now, I would think you could see it from the front/side SOMETHING!
My guess is that she's been dating "Dark" so you know what Brothers like..And if you don't have it, BUY it!!!
Nicole Antoinette

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tony Thompson dies at 31

I read this yesterday, but was hoping is wasn't another vicious rumor.
But after watching 106 yesterday, they confirmed that Tony Thompson was found outside of his apartment complex. The cause of death was not stated, but there are rumors of a possible drug overdose.
Nicole Antoinette

Monday, June 4, 2007

Beyonce Busted in London??

I was reading at URBAN HOOPLA that Beyonce and her sister Solange was out in London at a club.
On the way Media was all up Beyonce's dress! And is she drunk, again?
Trying to get a shoot of her cooch (smh).
Looks like they almost got it!!
Yeah she's drunk!
Nicole Antoinette

Who Rock it?!?

I absolutey LOVE America's look way better than Eva's!!
What do you think?!?
Nicole Antoinette

Do You have BEYONCEITIS??????
Check out the description below:
Beyonceitis is the destruction of your career by the overall power of Beyonce Knowles. Beyonceitis is a serious disease that has destroyed the careers of several artists although a few have been able to have successful careers in spite of it. Beyonceitis is also used to describe the overall domination of popular culture by Beyonce Knowles. Beyonceitis is most severe on artists who attempt to release albums around the same time as Beyonce or perform on the same award shows as Beyonce. Doing so has resulted in the embarrassment of several female artists. Some describe it as Beyonce being overexposed, or as Beyonce having a monopoly on the music game, but truthfully if you are a good enough performer you would shine regardless of who else you are in competition with.
Beyonceitis is a problem that embarasses a lot of people. No one wants to admit that one person has caused so much destruction. No one wants to admit that one person has bitch-slapped (with her ring hand) the entire music industry. If you suffer from Beyonceitis do not worry. Do not feel ashamed. Beyonce shits on a lot of people. You are not alone. There is help. There is hope.
Nicole Antoinette


The Simmons Sisters were there. I like Angela's dress.
JIgga Man was in the house all Grown & Sexy like
Fergie was rather Plain
I am so feelin Jessica's dress
Monique from High School Musical was there..I heard she was 26
You Go Girl!

Good Girl(Stylist) Gone Bad lol
j/k I like her look
Something just hasn't been right about Black Ty since I heard he beat his BM!!

Nicole Antoinette