Wednesday, January 31, 2007

WTF?!? Miss Piggy

Now ya'll know that's how The PlayBoy cover looked before it was photoshopped!!

Nicole Antoinette

All Hail The Queen

Cover Girl is catering to US now! I love it!!

Here is preview

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Eve has the Fever

So I hear that this guy is suppose to be Eve's new BF
This "Hood Chick" aint fooling nobody! We know where ya came from!
Then she trying to kick with Nick Lachey & Vanessa
Vanessa is telling her "Skeez you betta quit while your ahead"!

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I Will Survive

Babyface has put on a happy face and is loving again! This is his piece (daughter) Nikki!
I guess he said to hell Tracey & Eddie!

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.....Love Tyra

Have y'all,
Ever typed in your name on Google just to see what comes up? I've done it before for fun, and have seen lots of articles and photos from my career come up. But after returning from Australia recently and coming home to phone calls asking me if I was OK, I was confused. What were they talking about?
Then I remembered my flight back from Australia. Why did that flight attendant look my thighs and butt up and down -- and say, "Thank God! Thank God! They're liars!!!" I just wasn't getting it. I told myself I didn't care, but I was having trouble sleeping that night so I got outta bed, went over to mycomputer, and Googled myself. This time I typed in "TYRA FAT" -- and child, I had NO idea what was about to pop up on that screen.
My eyes were met with headline after headline "THIGH-RA BANKS!" "AMERICA'S NEXT TOP WADDLE!" "TYRA PORK CHOPS!" "TYRA TOPS 200LBS!" There were blogs frompeople shocked that it was reported I had gained almost 50 pounds in two months.
I COULDN"T BELIEVE WHAT I WAS READING. Then I saw the photo of me on the beach in Australia. Written next to it was, "Tyra Banks shows the world why she retired from the runway." I needed to let everyone know what I thought about these headlines, and on the Tyra Show this Thursday, February 1st, I put on the very same swimsuit I was wearing in Australia…and confront those fat tabloidphotos.

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here are more pics from Paris Exposed.
frickin COKE HEADS!

Oh hell yes!!! This is a DeneanAntoinette exclusive. As you all my know Paris had a storage locker that fell behaind in the payments and all the crap inside of it ended up for sale and the guy that bought it started a ParisHiton Exposed. Here is a taste of what they have:

Can you say GROSS! HERPES!!!

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Diddy's back in the Dog House

Oh hell naw!!

Diddy seemed to have been caught off guard when he was spotted entering a New York hotel Sunday morning with Sienna Miller.Diddy, father of newborn twins, was spotted dropping off Miller at her NYC hotel this morning after a rumored night of partying together in the city. Diddy had a trapped rat look when he noticed cameras watching from across the street -- and we're told a bodyguard was sent over to the photographer to try and get him to delete the footage.Combs and Miller were rumored to have gotten cozy at TAO nightclub during Sundance as well. Maybe Sienna's working on a second career as a rapper.

Are frickin' kiddin' me!!! This why Diddy won't marry that child, he knows that she will take his ass to the cleaners!!!!!!

Dirty Ass Bastard!

Nicole Antoinette

Possible Jail Time for B Rocka!

Last week, Brandy faced public scrutiny for her alleged role in a deadly car crash. Now, she could face jail time.
The Los Angeles City Attorney's Office said Monday that the California Highway Patrol, which investigated the Dec. 30 fatal accident, has recommended a vehicular manslaughter charge be brought against the Grammy-winning former star of Moesha.
The charge under review is a misdemeanor, the city attorney's office said. It carries a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a $1,000 fine.
But a guilty conviction also could result in anything from house arrest to a work-furlough program, according to Mary Frances Prevost, a criminal-defense attorney based in California.
"There is a reason why [the law] allows from zero time up to 365 days—it depends on the individual," Prevost said Monday.
And if the individual is Brandy, who has no known prior convictions and has not been accused of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash?
"She could conceivably do no time if convicted," Prevost said.
In 2001, actress Rebecca Gayheart faced a misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter rap for accidentally striking and killing a nine-year-old boy with a car. She pleaded no contest, and was sentenced to three years' probation.
There was no word or reaction yet from Brandy's camp regarding the entertainer's possible criminal charge.
The crash in question occurred when, the CHP said, Brandy failed to slow her 2007 Land Rover on the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles, and rear-ended a 2005 Toyota Corolla, setting off a chain-reaction crash.
The driver of the Toyota, Awatef Aboudihaj, 38, of Los Angeles, suffered multiple pelvic fractures, and died in the hospital on Dec. 31, the CHP said.

Nicole Antoinette

Hurricane Katrina Strikes Jay-Z

Okay, so it's not natural disaster, but it's fatal attraction!!
Jay-Z's #1 Stalker is Katrina:

I’ve been stalking Jay-Z more than three years,” Katrina says matter-of-factly....I can’t seem to think of anybody else. He is my all and all." Katrina buys every magazine Jay-Z is in, has called him over 300 times and e-mails him 200 times a day, but he has never responded. She even had a T-shirt made up with Jay-Z's and her picture, that she says she sleeps in every night...Katrina's friends have pointed out that she'll never be able to take Jay-Z from Beyoncé. "I don’t care. To me, I am Beyoncé. I am every man’s dream. I’m accomplishing it by just looking in the mirror and saying, ‘Jay-Z’s going to be my man,’" she says.
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Solange gets her Swagger back!

Solange Knowles was spotted out get her groove on!
She looks nice, but that BEAUTYSUPPLYSTORE Fuchsia lipstick has to go! the way who is babysitting?

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Move over Naiomi, Kimora wants some!

"It was supposed to be Alicia Keys' 27th birthday party, but Kimora Lee Simmons took center stage when she got into a bizarre screaming fight with another woman Wednesday night.
The intimate fete at Bed started out mellow enough, with Keys hanging out with her boyfriend, Kerry (Krucial) Brothers, and pals like Clive Davis, Missy Elliott and Common. But minutes after everyone had sung "Happy Birthday," a shrill voice shattered the vibe.
"Get out of my face, b-!" shrieked Kimora, according to a witness.
Guests wheeled around to find the designing wife of rap mogul Russell Simmons yelling at a woman in jeans and a tan vest. "Kimora said that the woman had thrown a drink at her," says one attendee. "She didn't look wet to me. But security grabbed the girl and ushered her out."
Asked by another guest what the fight was about, the woman said, "She's jealous of me!"
The woman couldn't be reached yesterday. Kimora's rep described her as "a disrespectful fan" who "accosted" Simmons. One source added, "Kimora doesn't even know this person, but [the woman] constantly shows up at events where Kimora is expected. Frankly, it's a little scary. Kimora is looking into getting a restraining order."
Whatever the back story, Keys didn't seem to appreciate the drama. "When Kimora was leaving, Alicia totally ignored her," claimed a source. Keys' rep insisted, "She had a wonderful time."

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SAG Awards

"Come one, DON'T WEAR PLAID! Who was the FLYEST AT THE SAG!"
(I know it's conry, but it rhymes)
Chandra Wilson
Get a Room! J/K Their to cute!
Tony Parker & Eva Longoria
Tracey Edmonds & Eddie Murphy Ann Marie Jones
America Ferrera
Will & Jada
Forrest & Keisha Whittaker
Vannessa Williams
Anika Noni Rose

Jaime, Forrest, Will & Nick-A-Lodeon
Clearly Joy Bryant didn't want him in the Picture!
" I can't believe I'm So FIERCE!....
.....but then again....
I CAN!!!!"

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Beyonce in Wonderland?!?

Okay so it's not the " remake" of Alice in wonderland, but Beyonce takes the Adventure in a snapshot!

Recruited by Disney to promote Disneyland and Walt Disney World's Year of a Million Dreams campaign, Leibovitz persuaded her famous friends to dress up as classic Disney characters. The first images in this ongoing series will appear in the March issues of Vogue, Vanity Fair, W, GQ, Conde Nast Traveller, Cookie and The New Yorker.

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Friday, January 26, 2007

From RunWays To Real Life, Fash'On Friday



Naiomi Campbell
Jessica Biel

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AwwNawHellNaw, They Done Up 'N Done It!

Some Bammas from Texas had the bright Idea to celebrate Martin Luther King Day by having a Fried Chicken and Malt Liquor Party?!?
What in the Hell is wrong with these people? Our struggle means nothing to them!! Oh I am PISSED, look at these damn pictures!!!

JANUARY 25--Students at a Texas college threw a Martin Luther King Jr. Day party that featured attendees wearing gang apparel and Afro wigs, carrying malt liquor, handguns, and fried chicken, and even one woman dressed as Aunt Jemima. Photos of the January 15 event were discovered on a page by a Tarleton State University sophomore who heads the school's NAACP chapter. A selection of party photos can be found on the following pages. When he discovered the images, Donald Ray Elder told TSG, he sent an e-mail to Tarleton student Jeremy Pelz, on whose Facebook page the photos were placed in a folder titled "MLK." In a reply e-mail, Pelz (seen in the picture at right) told Elder that he would rename the folder in which the photos were placed "so it does not bring any disrespect to Mr. King." Pelz noted that the party was started a few years earlier "because one of best friends is black or African American, whichever you deem politically correct, to be his day not to dishonor him." He added, "So I do apologize if you felt any disrespect because none was intended." School officials have launched an investigation into the party and the university's president, Dennis P. McCabe, has denounced the photos as despicable. In a subsequent post, Pelz--who has yanked the party photos from his Facebook page--stated that the party was not meant to be "racist or discriminating."
Now right about now, I'm gonna PRAY. That's the only thing that will save me from calling these folks a really BAD NAME!!
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