Friday, March 30, 2007

The Glamorous Life

Oh Yes, This is the real!!
I don't know if that thing is male or female but it cracks me up!!!
Sorry about the delay in post I'm Super busy, my son's 1st BDay is tommorow!!!
I'll holla Monday!!
Nicole Antoinette

Thursday, March 29, 2007

You'd Better Work

You know that JLO has been out promoting her new album (that I could care less about), but she has been looking SUPA FABULOSO doing it!!
So Jennifer you'd better work it honey chile!!
Nicole Antoinette

Pictures that should have not been taken

Yes this is BIG TIGGER, lookin like a flame!! Yes I said it and you know it's true!!!
Is that Milli & Vanilli?
That belt is the funniest thing I've seen this year!!
50cent looks like he borrowed this from Olivia
OH MY, that's a hellava cleavage!!!
Nicole Antoinette

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cassie is with Child?

This picture is supa suspect!! This child was skinny!!
That face is looking chunky and her WAIST is looking wide?
Was Diddy working on another baby?
You be the judge
Nicole Antoinette


I don't want to say anything bad about JHUD or Patti, but I think I saw this on MTV with Britney and Madonna!?!
You be the judge.
Nicole Antoinette

Games Baby Bash

It looks as though Game had some act right this day. I really dig this picture!!
Supa Cute!
Maybe if his face wasn't all inked up and he got a shave, he would have looked like another person.
Either way it's a joyous occasion and they look happy!
Looks tasty!

Random folk

Thanks Choo for the e-mail!!!

Nicole Antoinette


So I heard that this is called a "Pony Hawk", WOW!!
Either way he looks like a GIRL!!
I really can not stand this kid, and I guess that's why he is soooo popular.
Somebody is playing a really cruel joke on this kid!!!
I would say a word to desrcibe my feelings for his character (but it might offend some), but you feel in the blank:
Sanjaya is a __________
Nicole Antoinette

Spring Bling Bling!!

Pretty Ricky????
I just really don't get their IMAGE, Gold Glitter Jogging Suits, umm?!?
Big Tigger was on the beach, as usual!
Toccara & Swizz Beatz
Akon(boo) and Omarion(yeah)
Young Buck
And this Huey permforming my JAM, Pop Lock & Drop it.
My Homie Lover Friend(in another lifetime) Marques Houston and Danella
Neyo fakin' the funk, I can't wait until he comes out, for real!

Kudos to Remy this is a MAJOR UPGRADE! I mean I still hate the hell out of blonde front and that hideous spandex outfit....but it's a lot better than what she's done in the past.
Rocsi know she is to thin to win, so stop it!!
I have no iidea who the clown is looking like Martin from BlueStreak
And Terrene I was just started to feel you, now I've changed my mind, MOHAWK?!?

And Cherish came out of hiding to Stunt for the camera, Only one looks half decent, the one with the gold bikini top.

Nicole Antoinette

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I don't know who in the HAM SANDWHICH this is but LAWD that's a lot of Booty

Nicole Antoinette

Happy Day: Shaq/Star

DAMN that's a BIG ASS cake!! Shaunie went all out for her Hubby!!
I guess Star don got her a Stylist cause this is a MAJOR UPGRADE!!
Entertainment by Luda
And this is Star's Bday Bash, Once again she looks nice!!! I'm so shocked!!!
Boy Toy Al was sucking in all of Star's Celeb Status. LOSER.
Absolutley FABULOUS!!!
Excellent Choice

Nicole Antoinette

Kimora Lee Simmon's Couture Line

Kimora and BFF Tyra

Tisha Campbell looking a fool! Why don't she put that Big Ass Head in a hat?!?
She just looks wrong and is trying to hard!

Ghetto Queen Taraji Parker and Sanaa Lathan

Kimberly Locke looking FAB and Thick-A-Lious
Tyra looking GREAT!

KLS models, Is that Jade from ANTM, You better work!!!

Nicole Antoinette

Monday, March 26, 2007

Beyonce,Beyonce and more BEYONCE!!!

I know that B's overtime check must be lookin lovely, cause she has really put some OT to get all these videos done:
(my fav song from BDay)

And the much talked about GET ME BODIED
This one includes cameos by Kell, Michelle and Solange
Looks pretty HOT!!!

Nicole Antoinette