Wednesday, February 28, 2007

On The Low: Quentin & Regina

So Quentin DUMPED Brandy, and is kicking it with Regina King!!
....but PLEASE don't tell B-ROCKA because she might become even MORE suicidal!!
ouch, I am mean :)
Nicole Antoinette

Things That Make You Go UMMM?!?

I hear that Jay-Z has a son by some chick from Trinidad named Shennile. Jay allegedly paid
1 million dollars to keep his name of the birth certificate.

Here are a few candids of Jay & Shennile:
Oh she a GOLDDIGGER, cause now she's dating Lil Fizz of B2K!!
Can you say desperate?

...but I must admit Lil Fizz is a cutie, but I can never forget that he was in a Boy Band :(

Nicole Antoinette

On The Low: Ray J & Lil Kim

Now I heard rumors back in the day that they we're gettin' on. But that was a litttle unbelievable, now after Kim got a peak of his sex tape she wants a piece. Oh yeah they are a couple.
What is wrong with the world?!? Ray-J has become Mr It.
....but don't tell Whitney, because this is all she needs to start hitting that pipe again.
was that mean?!?
Nicole Antoinette

Happy Day: Kevin Lyles

The BEST of the Best came out to celebrate with Kevin Lyles

Irv Gotti & Trey Songz
Serena Williams & Ed Lover
Lomax (wifey) & Kevin

Nicole Antoinette

Damn Shame

This is just a DAMN SHAME, little Justin Combs was out at a "teen party" when he recieved a lap dance from this OLD ASS woman. Designer Misa, who is Justin's mom recently had a say about the pictures that surfaced the web. Home girl said that she had to fire the security guards from that evening and she said as for Justin "I don't plat that"! Oh that sounds like somebody gone it that Ass whooped! ouch!


THIS HOT GHETTO MESS recently held a press conference about the Glue incident that happened in Florida. She is claiming Police Brutality and that she only was treated that way because she is Black. Foxy let me explain to you why they treated you like a CRAZY CRIMINAL, it's because you are! You assault everyone that comes in your path! The law knows about your Rap Sheet Sweetie, your lucky they didn't bust a cap in your knee boots! lmao the way who told her that Green was her color, they lied Boo Boo


This #igga is a Deadbeat/ Crackhead!! This is his "umptenth" time beind arrested for child support. Come on Babby you gotta take care of the Kiddies or Wrap it up!

And I heard that he's going to sit in there for a while cause that Broke Ass can't even make Bail!!

......Hollywood is just a Damn Shame

Nicole Antoinette

Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscars: The Winner Is.....

Forrest took Oscar home for Best Actor
And I was already TELLIN' YOU The Jennifer Hudson was going to WIN
Best Supporting Actress YOU GO GIRL!
Nicole Antoinette

Oscars: From The Red Carpet

Check Out The HOTNESS:

Queen Latifah


Jennifer Hudson

Penelope Cruz

Shaun Robinson

Tanika Ray

Forrest & Keisha Whittaker

Eddie Murphy & Tracy Edmonds


Anika Noni Rose

Jennifer Lopez

Mr & Mrs Lee

The Smith's

Friday, February 23, 2007

America's Next Top Model Cycle 8

Here is a PREVIEW of the SISTAS:

It's all most time for my FAVORITE show!

Check it out on Your CW station next Wednesday for the Two Hour Premiere!

Nicole Antoinette

Celebrity Bowling Event

MH, Shondrella, Omarion
Christina Milian
Corey Hardict (Tia's Fiance)
KeKe Parker
Nicole Antoinette

In Perfect Harmony

The Beautiful married couple Angela Bassett & Courtney Vance can addd author to their resume's.
They recently wrote a book about friendship & love
Nicole Antoinette


So mediatakeout is reporting all the stinky celebs, ENJOY:

India Arie - offending body part: underarms notable quote: "She doesn't believe in wearing deodorant ... Someone needs to explain to her that you don't wear deodorant for yourself - you wear it for the people around you."
Pink - offending body part: crotch notable quote: "I had the unpleasant experience of following her into the ladies room once. She really needed to visit a gynecologist."
Jazzy Pha - offending body part: entire body notable quote: "He' a nice guy but he has a gland problem that makes him sweat like crazy. It's kind of embarrassing.
"Biz Markie - offending body part: tie between breath and underarms notable quote: "Biz has that kind of aroma that stays behind hours after he's gone."
Kelis - offending body part: hair notable quote: "There's no excuse for her not washing her hair more often."
Busta Rhymes- offending body part: breath notable quote: "Not only is his breath bad, but he spits when he talks ... when he's done with you you're drenched in foul smelling liquid."
Serena Williams - offending body part: underarms notable quote: "I stood next to her at a club once. The musk was so strong I thought I was going to pass out."
Flavor Flav - offending body part: entire body notable quote: "He smells exactly the way you'd imagine - like a homeless person."
Diddy - offending body part: breath. notable quote: "He has quite possibly the worst breath in the industry. And he always wants to talk all up in your face."
Bobby Brown - offending body part: behind notable quote: "The chair he was sitting on smelled like he [had an accident] on himself. I think we ended up having to throw it in the trash."

Nicole Antoinette

On The Low: Special Edition

Word on the sreet is that India & Chris are dating. I thnk they make a nice couple.
.......but don't tell Jackis Chan, I think that he's mad that Chris has been spending so much time learning guitar, now he knows why. lol j/k

Letoya has been BALLIN' with Deshawn Stevenson:

DeShawn Stevenson Hearts LeToya Luckett
Yup, it's true. DeShawn Stevenson and
LeToya Luckett are going public with their long-simmering relationship, and (I believe) this is (maybe) the first place to report it.
LeToya, for those who don't follow this stuff, is the former Destiny's Child member whose debut album last year
reached No. 1 on the Billboard charts and got some quite good mentions in the press, earning her various award nominations and a role co-hosting the Soul Train Music Awards next month. Stevenson told me he took LeToya to Gilbert's 25th birthday party, and that they hit it off, and that "we're a couple now."

...but don't tell LaTavia, because now she won't have anyone to kick it with!
Nicole Antoinette


Nicole Antoinette