Friday, December 29, 2006


Does she have a Super sized pad on or is that a penis?

Nicole Antoinette

Meet Black Budafly

Recently Juiicyscoop had posted a question about a girl group, in the comments one of the responses was "BlackBudafly" I had no idea who this was so I decided investigate.

"How does a dream become reality? For starters you need talent, charisma, and the desire to succeed no matter what the odds. The stunning trios of sisters known as Black Buddafly possess the above mentioned traits and then some, yet when telling Black Buddafly's story you have to include one other ingredient: fate. Black Buddafly was meant to be. "

Nicole Antoinette


Forget Tropical climates in Winter it's all about the snow and slopes
Ms MiMi was spotted earlier in the week in Aspen, I don't know what's up with her gear though!

JLo was also in Aspen looking FAB! I really hope that the rumors are true about the pregnancy, it's a blessing to start a family. And wouldn't it be great to check out Jen's pregnancy style?

Nicole Antoinette

Calendar Girl: Janet Jackson

These are a couple pics fro Janet Jackson 2007 Calendar.

Janet is looking extremly FAB and (bringin' the over 40) SEXY BACK!

Way to go Janet !

Nicole Antoinette

D.U.I Club

The latest member Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson was arrested early Friday on suspicion of driving under the influence and possession of cocaine after police stopped him shortly after he left a Scottsdale nightclub.

Nicole Antoinette

Usher to James Brown

"We have lost yet another prolific artist and one of America's greatest cultural icons. My heart goes out to all of his family. He taught so many valuable lessons through his music in such a positive way. I celebrate his career for his words of inspiration. "This is a man's world but it would be nothing without a woman..." In a time of racial segregation when we needed to know that black wasn't bad he taught us to be proud. Having personally taught me how to get on the "good foot" I'll never forget our performances together. All these memories will live on in my heart forever. He is the example of what you do with what God gives you. He was not only the Godfather of Soul, he was the Godfather to the entire music industry. James Brown was the greatest. He was the best! He was a real man,one who fought so desperately to change the minds of a crippled world...a world of ignorance and separation. He was one that always lifted his hand to help those in need. God Blessed us with James Brown. The Heavenly Father has called him home where he will be rewarded for the love, heart, spirit, and soul he blessed us all with. I guess God just couldn't take seeing the Soul Brotha #1 from the nosebleed seats anymore. I will miss you, my friend."

Nicole Antoinette

Make ups to Break ups

Lil Tweezy (Lil Wayne Trina) were spotted together at a party that Ms Trina was throwing.

They are really close in this pics, I guess they should be together since they share so much in common:

Nicole Antoinette


They took the legendary God Father of Soul to the legendary Apollo Theatre.
The ceremony was taped double click the link to view and see source

Nicole Antoinette

POOR Maia Campbell

This is really sad about this Sista.......and it saddens me to report this, but Maia Campbell has officially CRACKED OUT! Maia has allegedly allowed a few "Pushers" to video tape her in the buff for a SMALL AMOUNT OF CRACK COCAINE!
If you would like to see how low Maia will go for a blow

Nicole Antoinette

Thursday, December 28, 2006

OH NO not Donnel!

I was reading on and I came across this article about Donnel check it out:
"..... the man is CHAIN SMOKER AND A SERIOUS ALCOHOLIC. When I was out with him one night he had four double shots of grey goose in about 40 minutes..... the dude has some issues.....He is NOT married..... the ex, the mother of the four girls, had a baby boy recently with another man, who she is not even with anymore. Donell is just whoring around these days.... they were together for years. they had four girls together and he left her ass in the grass. he is seeing some bisexual chick named Tammy.................... her and her girlfriend live with him in his house in Atlanta. he lives a very questionable lifestyle. like i said before.... the way he treats women will be his curse..... wouldnt be surprised if the 15 and 14 year old daughters ended up dancing in Body Tap or Magic City in a few years............Donell Jones SUCKS IN BED!!!!! Always trying to stick his small lil dick and fingers up someones ass!!!!!! on top of that..... the drunk bastard has a VERY hard time getting it up!......let me tell you..... the man is nasty!!!!!!!! met him a few months back, and the 200 text messages that i have from him are hilarious!!!!!! you would think that he gets no ass the way he acts......... plus.... he has a SERIOUS alcohol problem. probably the reason why his career never will get to where it should be.
Even after all that....I still like
him. Hell, I like him more. "

Nicole Antoinette

The Notorious D.I.V.A

The Queen B of hip hop is having a royal battle with the bosses of the British series 'Celebrity Big Brother' after demanding nearly $1 million to appear on the show.According to reports, Lil' Kim wanted double of the originally offered sum of $500 000, but is now considering an increased offer of $800 000 for the hit reality show.
The 4'11" rapper-turned-prisoner-turned rapper has also made a list of diva demands that include: final approval of all footage by her, a personal assistant with her in the house and make-up stylist on standby, a first class trip to London for two with all expenses paid and finally a first class trip for two from the US and first- class hotel accommodation.

Nicole Antoinette

Rumor Control: Nelly & Ashanti are engaged?

I got a little buzz in my ear about Nelly & Ashanti getting engaged over this holiday.
I hope that this is not a rumor.....i really like them together as a couple.
Good luck guys!

Nicole Antoinette

Landon Brown HELLO!!!!

Thanks to Juiicy for the pics!

Landon Brown is the son of Bobby Brown. He has been in the news lately, I've heard that he was suppose to be Karrine Steppans BABYDADDY. Since Bobby says that he had a vasectomy (u know what I mean) and can't make babies anymore. I also heard that Landon had been living with his father when he was crashing with SupaHead.
I probably would chase this youngin' if I was her to, check out these steaming pics below:


Cameron ditched the Blonde for a Ultra Sexy Brunette Do.
J.Hud lost about a few pounds and was looking even more FAB!
The New & Improved Ashlee Simspson
she did a face transplant right? j/k

HEY KOOL AID! No that's just the old Janet!

Thanks Janet for dropping that second person!



she know she looks a lot better....let's hear it for Whit!

Nicole Antoinette


I am so feeling that "Louie" bathing suit that Paris is Rockin'
Those matching bags that she and Kim have are also cute.
*if you have something that HOTT let us know and we will post it***

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The two of them remind me of that movie " The Others", when they found that photo album of the dead bodies. They looked like stuffed DRAG QUEENS. How does New York think that she is attractive? I guess CONFIDENCE will take you a long way!

Nicole Antoinette

RUMOR CONTROL: D Wade's Wifey has Implants?

There is a rumor goin' round that Dwayne Wade's wife Siohvaughn has breast implants......well I hear that she is PREGNANT.
And you breast tend to grow when that happens....just another RUMOR

Nicole Antoinette

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Little Miss KeKe is joining That's So Raven star Raven Simone at DISNEY. Keke has her own Disney movie and she is on the soundtrack rapping as well! Alright KEKE!

Star and The Scar

I know that Star has gained a lot of convidence since losing the weight, but Star needs to know that there are certain things that don't complement everyone!!
In her case, this plunged neck is showing all of her surgery scars (eegh).
In addition to that she should invest in some body tape for a lift in the bust.
Somebody HELP Star PLEASE!

Nicole Antoinette

FUNK-Tasia working up a SWEAT!

These are pics from a recent show that Fantasia put on. That is just GROSS! Somebody should have told her that her SECRET is OUT!

Nicole Antoinette

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Lionel from Jeffersons' Dies

Mike Evans, 57, an actor best known for his role as Lionel Jefferson in the TV sitcoms "All in the Family" and "The Jeffersons," died of throat cancer Dec. 14 at his mother's home in Twentynine Palms, his niece Dr. Chrystal Evans said.With writing partner Eric Monte, Evans went on to create and write for "Good Times," one of the first TV sitcoms that featured a primarily African American cast.Michael Jonas Evans was born Nov. 3, 1949, in Salisbury, N.C., to a dentist father, Theodore Evans Sr., and his schoolteacher wife, Annie Sue Evans.

Nicole Antoinette

Diddy Does Dogs... on his clothing!

"NEW YORK - Macy's has pulled from its shelves and its Web site two styles of Sean John hooded jackets, originally advertised as featuring faux fur, after an investigation by the nation's largest animal protection organization concluded that the garments were actually made from a certain species of dog called "raccoon dog." "First these jackets were falsely advertised as faux fur, and then it turned out that the fur came from a type of dog," said Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States."

Nicole Antoinette

DreamGirls take on the World

TUESDAY AM UPDATE: Well, the answer to whether Dreamgirls could do crossover biz has been answered now that it did a whopping $8.7 million from only 852 theaters on Christmas Day. The movie scored 2nd place among the holiday's top films (even though many were playing in 3,000+ and 2,500+ venues). Its new cume is $9.6 mil. On Monday, it made over $10K per screen average. Paramount is telling me this is the 3rd best Christmas Day box office on record ever. (Catch Me If You Can did $9.8 in 3,156 theaters, and Ali $10.2 mil in 2,446 theaters.) Pic won't widen more until January 12th.
Nicole Antoinette

Carmen Bryan

I just recently finished this book over the weekend and I think that I need to take back some of the things I said about her. Before I read this book I thought that it would "supahead" number 2.
Boy was I wrong..
We tend to pass judgement on someone before even finding out the truth:
In essence, never judge a book by it's cover! (lol)
I have read Karrine's book, and she just drinks, drugs and has sex.
Carmen was with Nas for nine years, she lived in the projects to be with Nas.
She was down, but she never felt as though Nas was giving as much as she was.
Nas even cut her child support, rent and car note. On top of all that he didn't even send his daughter an invite to his wedding with (musty) Kelis .lol
I am a mother and I find that to be completly out of line.
And don't get me started about ignorant Wendy Williams! She was sooooo disrespectful to CArmen. Somebody is going to punch her in the face for being such a BIATCH!
My overall veiw of the book is, nobodies perfect and we all make mistakes in relationships. And every story has two sides!!! or 3 or 4 (lol)

Nicole Antoinette

James Brown Dies of Pneumonia

DeneanAntoinette would like to extend our condolences to the family of the late James Brown.
For those who don't know James was the reigning " Godfather of Soul"

He died Dec 25th battleing Pneumonia.

....a moment of silence please....

Friday, December 22, 2006

Fifty and the Game kiss and make (out) up!

I don't know if the we're trying back Lil Wayne and Baby up, but it guy kissing is not the NEW FAD!

Nicole Antoinette

Fash'On: Lost & Found

Beyonce I have no idea of the look that you are going for,
but you have lost Kudos for this one.
Good thing that we have Jada to find her sense of style.

Nicole Antoinette

Who rocked it?!?

Eva or Vanessa
Lindsey or Jade
Paris or Serena

You tell us WHO ROCKED!!
leave ur comments
Nicole Antoinette

WTF?!?: Say WEAVE!

Clearly they think that it is cute to share a bundle of hair!?!
I find it appauling!

Nicole Antoinette